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Different - Hannibal x Reader (Chapter Six) SMUT :iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 99 38
Ice - Mycroft x Reader (Chapter Four)
You started to wake a few hours later when Mycroft was out of the room. When he came back your body was still trembling from the remnants of a nightmare, but you still managed to give him the same smile that made him fall in love with you.
‘Are you alright my dear?’ he asked, sitting down next to you on the bed and taking your hand.
‘I had a nightmare,’ you replied, not meeting his eyes, but instead watched his thumb rub across the back of your hand.
‘Do you want to tell me about it?’ he asked quietly.
‘No,’ you shook you head sadly, lip quivering with the unfallen tears that had appeared in your eyes.
‘Try and go back to sleep then my love,’ Mycroft said with a sad smile and stood from the bed. You reached out and grabbed his hand quickly and when he turned to look at you, your eyes were full of panic.
‘Don’t leave me,’ you whispered shakily.
Mycroft squeezed your hand gently and sat back down on the bed, wh
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 92 21
Living - Bruce Banner x Reader
Bruce had pretty much given up hope in his life. He’d lost everything in his life because of what he was. He instantly disregarded any attempt at relationships because he was afraid.  All he kept running through his head was that he was so alone, even though he knew that wasn’t true. There was you, even though he was terrified of the whole thing, he couldn’t bear to be away from you. But tonight all he could think about was ending his life; tonight was a bad night.
Your relationship had no label because neither of you knew where you really stood. Except you were determined to never let him down and he was determined to never hurt you.
So when you arrived to Bruce trying to hold himself together, curled up in his bed and trying to hold back his sorrow, you didn’t even hesitate to remove your shoes and climb in behind him. You knew that he tried to act strong all the time, so it must have been really terrible for him to be falling apart like this.  
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 91 12
Ice - Mycroft x Reader (Chapter Three)
The police that found you put you safely into the back of the ambulance and sent you off.
Mycroft still didn’t get to see you for another hour as the nurses claimed you were in a critical condition. So he sat on a chair in the waiting room with his head in his hands until she called that you were stable.
He hesitantly pushed open the door and saw you. They had you bundled up in blankets and an oxygen system blew warm air into your lungs. Your hands were loosely wrapped in bandages to try and thaw your frozen fingers. He thought you were sleeping, but your eyes snapped open when he closed the door behind him.
You watched him walk into the room and sit beside you on the bed. Your eyes softened when you saw the clear signs of worry. To others it would have seem like he was indifferent, but you noticed the tightness around his eyes and the way he was nervously rubbing his hands together and then on his trousers which were clear signs that he cared.
The two of you sat like that for a
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 81 14
Ice - Mycroft x Reader (Chapter Two)
Over time Mycroft kept making excuses and reasons to turn up at Baker Street and see you, much to the displeasure of Sherlock. This day was no different and it was only you in the flat with the boys on a case when Mycroft arrived claiming he needed to speak to Sherlock about some state business and a very important matter.
‘Would you like some tea?’ you asked him, heading to the kitchen. By now you knew he was very particular in the way his tea was made and even in what cup he drank it from.
‘That would be lovely,’ he said, sitting in John’s chair.
You returned with the tea and sat facing him in Sherlock’s chair. ‘You really need to stop doing this Mycroft, people will talk. I mean, if you really want to see me so much you should just say so,’ you said with a shy smile.
‘Then seeing as you don’t seem to mind my wanting to see you, perhaps you would like to accompany me to dinner?’ he asked, watching you as he drank his t
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 101 24
Ice - Mycroft x Reader (Chapter One)
Mycroft Holmes was a busy man. He was constantly working, protecting the citizens of Britain and even though he only claimed to hold a ‘minor position’ everyone who knew him knew better than that.
Mycroft’s life was surrounded by threats so much so that on occasion he would almost fear for his life. So when it came to you, the one thing that could thaw the heart of the ice-man, he wanted to keep you separate from his work as much as possible. He wanted to keep you safe and protected and innocent from the things he heard and saw.
However that proved harder and harder as your relationship became more serious: and now, Mycroft was internally going out of his mind while he maintained a calm façade.
You should have been home an hour ago.
For most relationships this would seem controlling, but you knew enough about Mycroft’s work to understand his reason to fret about you. So the fact that you hadn’t returned home or, after checking, had actually been see
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 135 4
Dinner - Hannibal x Reader (One Shot)
When Hannibal came home that evening part of him expected you to be gone. That morning he had stormed out after a huge argument between the two of you.
But even now, he could not remember what had started it. So when he arrived back from visiting a client in their own home he was very glad to still see your car in the driveway.
‘(y/n)?’ he called as he entered the house.
‘I’m in here,’ you called from the kitchen. Hannibal could smell something delicious instantly and followed your voice into the kitchen.
There was a considerable amount of mess and it had taken a number of tries before you managed to get the recipe right for the meal.
In no way were you able to cook like Hannibal could, you could barely make a sandwich without screwing it up. You were currently stirring a pot on the stove that was filled with a mushroom white sauce and you were trying your hardest not to burn it.
‘What are you doing?’ Hannibal asked after observing for a moment
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 129 20
Broken - Sherlock x Reader (Chapter Six)
The two of you lay in Sherlock’s bed staring at each other for what seemed like hours. Your hands found their way to his face, tracing the outlines of his features, while his arms were securely wrapped around your waist.
Eventually it was the sound of your phone that pulled the two of you out of the dreamlike state you were in.
You sighed before kissing him quickly and rolling out of bed, pulling on one of Sherlock’s shirts that he left lying around before running to your phone in the other room.
‘Calm down and tell me what’s wrong,’ you told your very distressed friend. Sherlock came into the living area and gave you a worried look.
‘It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll be with you in twenty minutes max, okay?’
Sherlock watched you interact on the phone until you eventually ended it.
‘That was a friend of mine, she’s just found out that her boyfriend cheated on her,’ you explained. Sherlock raised
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 189 49
Cold - Merlin x Reader One Shot
‘Now remember Merlin, my niece is going to arrive either today or tomorrow, depending on how her journey goes. So I want you on your best behaviour and no funny business, got it?’ Gaius lectured Merlin just as Merlin was about to walk out of the door.
‘No funny business, got it,’ Merlin smirked and Gaius couldn’t help but to return a smile.
Both Merlin and Gaius went about their daily work with Gaius keeping an eye out for your arrival.
Merlin was just about to go to bed and Gaius had long since claimed that you must be arriving the next day when there was a gentle knock on the door.
‘Gaius?’ a soft voice called.
He opened the door quickly to revealing your shivering form. You were drenched and seemed to have gotten in a fight as your knuckles were bloody and you had a split lip.
‘You poor thing, come inside quickly before you catch your death,’ Gaius said as he hurried you inside. Merlin stood by his door, unable to take his eyes o
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 178 35
Mature content
Broken - Sherlock x Reader (Chapter Five) SMUT :iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 136 29
Broken - Sherlock x Reader (Chapter Four)
You sat on the arm of Sherlock’s chair and his arm sat behind you while you sipped at your tea. Mycroft stood, shoving his hands in his pocket while Sherlock talked about the terrorist threat.
You weren’t listening at all really and simply opted for watching him, you turned so that you could rest your feet on the other arm of the chair, creating a bridge over Sherlock. Without looking at you he raised his arms to allow you and simply rested them on your legs again. Mycroft watched the interaction curiously and you smiled at him.
Even after all this time the two of you worked like clockwork, knowing exactly what made the other one tick. It was one of the reasons you hadn’t been able to cope without him, it felt like you were missing half of you.
Mrs Hudson entered then with a tray of tea.
‘I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it. Him sitting in his chair again, isn’t it wonderful Mr Holmes?’ She babbled and Sherlock leaned around you t
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 129 12
Broken - Sherlock x Reader (Chapter Three)
Back in 221B, Sherlock had dragged out all the games he could find.
‘Did she take it well, your return?’ Mycroft asked, smirking.
‘As well as to be expected,’ he replied calmly. He was trying his best to not be jealous, but it was incredibly hard.
‘She’s ever so lovely, isn’t she?’ Mycroft pressed. He was enjoying annoying his little brother. Sherlock merely smiled at him and took his move on Operation.
‘She mentioned, she said something about you…’ Sherlock trailed off, not being able to say the words. Mycroft tilted his head, urging Sherlock to continue. Mycroft’s smile remained, but his eyes were tight.
Sherlock huffed out a breath he didn’t realise he’d been holding, ‘about you stopping her.’ Mycroft new exactly what he was talking about and his smile faltered a bit.
‘It was pure luck of course,’ he coughed, uncomfortable with the subject.
Sherlock’s elbow rested on hi
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 152 22
Broken - Sherlock x Reader (Chapter Two)
You’d fallen asleep after about an hour and Sherlock stayed awake, silently seething at himself. He should have told you, or taken you with him: or anything. Anything was better that this, than Mycroft.
He wasn’t sure when you woke up, but when he looked down at you again your eyes were open, staring at nothing.
‘What was the reason that brought you back?’ you asked, playing with the collar on his shirt.
Half his mouth pulled up into small smile, but his eyes were sad.
‘There’s a bomb threat on London, Mycroft summoned me,’ he said hesitantly, not really wanting to mention Mycroft again.
‘I’m still angry at you,’ you told him, but pulling yourself closer to him.
‘I know,’ he smiled and kissed your hair.
You heard your phone buzz across the room and you stood to retrieve it. You could feel Sherlock’s inquisitive gaze on your back.
When you simply replied and put it away again, Sherlock sighed.
‘It was My
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 167 41
Mature content
Broken - Sherlock x Reader (Chapter One) :iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 227 28
Ho Ho Hopefully - Dean x Reader (Songfic)
Song: Ho Ho Hopefully - The Maine
December first I'm in a foreign state
I'm running late, I'm all alone
Wishing I was home with you, baby
She's got a way of making things okay
When she's not around, when she's not around
I'm going crazy

Dean was travelling miles across the country trying to make sure that he made it home in time for Christmas with you. He couldn’t bear to be away from you for any length of time, it made his chest tighten and ache to even think about you not being around.
So, because of this Dean had been travelling for hours, across days and nights, through towns he’d never heard the names of, across borders that were too far from home, just so he could hold you in his arms and get rid of this aching.
Dean knew that no matter what was wrong you had a way of making everything feel okay again.
We like to talk about the plans we make
And things we say when we're together
I hope for better weather this year
But you my dear, need to know
This year I wa
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 52 15
Hurt - Dean x Reader
You paced back and forth across the dirty, worn carpet of the motel. Dean was supposed to be back an hour ago and in your line of work no news was bad news. He should have at least called by now and you were frantic with worry.
You gave him another ten minutes and then you grabbed your bag to head out and find him. Your hand reached for the door and pulled it open to see Dean barely standing.
‘Oh my god,’ you said as you rushed out and wrapped an arm around his waist, supporting him as you helped him stumble into the motel.
‘What the hell happened Dean?’ you asked as you helped him sit on the worn sofa.
‘It was a trap (y/n). I never saw that one coming, damn it,’ he groaned as he straightened his leg. He was filthy, beaten and bruised, but he still managed to throw you a wink when he saw you looking him up and down to take in his injuries.  
You grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the kitchen and the first aid kit from your bag, before crouching in
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 317 17


Walking Dead: Blissful Moments - Daryl x Reader
It was the exact same dream every time. The broken clock on the tiled floor, the shattered glass scattered along it along with dried up blood that had long since stained it. Then there was the body. The body of a person I once knew, whom I was forced to kill in self defense after they had turned into a walker. My heart raced fast in my chest, feeling the swell of emotions overwhelming my consciousness. It was as if I were there.
This dream lingered into my mind even during the day, putting me on edge at all times. In a way it was a good thing, keeping me more alert than if I wasn't. In times like these, if you weren't on high alert, it could get you killed.
The low moans and scratching of a lone walker could be heard from the other room of a house Daryl and I were scavenging. It was locked inside, so it wasn't a threat. For now..
“_____” Daryl called out for me, and I turned around to look into his deep blue eyes. Circles were under his eyes from lack of sleep. None of us h
:icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 29 5
Daryl Dixon x Reader- Beautiful
Daryl Dixon x Reader
{okay this is set sometime before season 4 at the prison I hope you enjoy}
“It’s sunset. Daryl, take this up to ____, and then you can take the night shift, okay?” Carol said, sliding a plastic bowl over to said man, who responded with a quiet grunt. He finished what was left in his bowl, and stood up, grabbing his bow, and the bowl. He headed outside, to the guard tower where _____ would be. He headed up the stairs quietly. He could hear ____ humming softly, a small half smile crept onto his face. Daryl opened the door almost silently, ____ not knowing he was there. She was sitting on the metal floor, her legs hanging off the edge. Her gun was sitting beside her and her head was tilted upwards, looking up at the sun set. Daryl took a moment to admire her from behind. Her (hair/color) hair was loose, and blowing slightly in the breeze. Her humming was soft and calming. It made Daryl relax, just a little.
“Hey.” Daryl said, startling __
:iconselfishmachinesky:SelfishMachineSky 52 2
Night Watch: Daryl Dixon x reader (fluffy oneshot)
Rain hissed through the branches and leaves, transforming dirt into pools of mud. Two people sat beneath a tree, trying to stay dry in the shelter of it’s branches. Sitting under the canopy of leaves helped but it didn’t completely stop the occasional raindrop that found it’s way through the branches.
You shivered slightly, a cloud of warmth escaping from your mouth. You shifted a bit closer to the male, who shot you a dirty look and elbowed you slightly. You ducked your head and looked away and pulled your knees up to your chest.
“Sorry. It’s just freezing out here,” you muttered.
Your company didn’t reply for a long while and you felt a little insulted that he ignored you.
Fine, be that way...
“Damn nice night ta be on watch,” he muttered sarcastically under his breath.
You nodded, offering a small laugh. You were relieved he finally said something. You both had been sitting out here together for almost an hour with hardly a word.
:iconshadow4everandaday:shadow4everandaday 75 9
Daryl Dixon x Reader
Snap, Crunch.
Leaves crumpled in your grasp as you stuffed them into the burlap sack. You grabbed from random areas favoring the dry spots on the surface.
Crackle. Crunch.
You glanced around through the trees for any sign of nearing stumblers, afraid the soft commotion you created would draw them in. Seeing no sign of life – or afterlife – you sighed in nervous relief and continued your task.
Life was tough anymore for you. For three months, you lived constantly glancing over your shoulder for any stumblers or assholes who tried to steal your supplies.
This apocalypse ruined your life, completely. It killed your mother, however you were a little thankful it took her early on when this started and not later on where she could see what the world was coming to. It made it even worse that when she turned, your sorry excuse for a father made you be the one to shoot her. All of your friends were most likely dead, and your sister and father, God knows what happened t
:iconprussianatheart:Prussianatheart 33 30
Princess || Daryl Dixon
The soft music still played in the background. Your pink dress that had been made especially for that certain occasion was ruined. You accidentally stained it with something, red wine probably. You could get it cleaned, to wear it another time but as it was ripped from the bottom to your waist, there was no sense in doing that. And even your favorite high heels were long forgotten as you left them somewhere in the ballroom. They weren’t needed anymore.
People were still dancing on the ballroom floor, even if the night had already ended and the sky was slowly getting brighter. Candles were still lit and champagne was still flowing- the party was still on, and you weren’t allowed to excuse yourself. You were an important guest, after all.
And the main dish wasn’t yet served.
Slowly and quietly you made your way through an empty hotel’s corridors. The broken glass on the carped cut the skin on your bare feet. It was quiet in that part of the building. But still, so
:iconlilysm:Lilysm 104 28
Right Here (Daryl x Reader)
Right Here
Daryl x Reader
"Don't you think it would be a good idea if you took a shower?" (Y/n) asked the man in front of him as she stood in the living room of their new home in Alexandria. "Maybe you should take a shower, and I'll make you something to eat."
Daryl shook his head. "No, I'm not gonna do that." He grumbled, pushing past her to try to get to the door.
(Y/n) sighed and moved in front of him. "We're finally able to just stop and take a break from everything that his going on outside of the walls, and you don't want to take advantage of it?"
"I don't trust these people, you know that." He muttered, looking at her. "After everything that's happened, I think it's safe to say I don't trust anyone."
"Do you think I trust these people? I just want to get some food, shower and sleep on a bed. It's just nice to relax while we can." She told him, gently holding his hands. "Come on, just come relax with me."
Daryl nodded slightly. "Fine. But only for a little bit." He told her as he
:iconemitheduck:Emitheduck 51 0
This Feeling (Daryl x Reader)
    It's been a few days now since all of you have arrived on the farm. You had to admit that you liked the peacefulness. It was as if the dead wasn't out there trying to devour all of you. Then again you knew deep inside that that wasn't true. Walkers were out there and poor Sophia was out there in the woods with them. You didn't want to admit it but you knew how slim the chances were of finding her alive. She was just a little girl and didn't deserve anything that happened to her. The only one who still had faith however was Daryl. Speaking of which...
    "Is everything alright between you and Daryl?" Carol asked as the two did laundry.
    "Why would you ask that?" You asked hanging up one of Carl's shirt to dry. 
    "Well the two of you get along pretty well and lately the two of you seem pretty distant." You sighed.
    "I don't know what you're talking about."
    "The two of you were basically stuck t
:iconglowing-luna:Glowing-Luna 90 2
Daryl Dixon X Reader: Disney Prince
(Season 2) *Strong language*
"You ever watched a Disney movie?" You glanced over at Daryl as you reaffirmed the grip you had on your sword, pacing slowly through the trees.
"You serious?"
You smiled slightly. "I'm serious. Have you?"
"Never really got the chance."
"Didn't your mom or dad ever-"
"No. Didn't have that sort of family."
"Oh..." You felt awkward now. "'re missing out."
"I missed out on a lot."
"Never really wanted to watch Disney movies anyway." He muttered as if he didn't care.
"...I feel like singing the Circle Of Life now."
"Keep your voice down." He hissed, raising his crossbow at the lone Walker ahead.
"I got this." A frown settled on your brow as you marched ahead, confidently raising your sword as you held your breath. This Walker was yours.
"The hell?" Daryl lowered his crossbow. You hated killing Walkers unless absolutely necessary.
"I need to do this." You murmured, quickening your steps as you thrashed the sword down on the
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 167 26
Logan x Reader- I Don't Remember
Your heart nearly stopped beating when he walked in. He was here. The Wolverine. Logan. You nearly ran up to him and tackled him in a hug, but a voice in your head held you back. 
He doesn't remember, Y/N. You need to give him time. 
He didn't remember? Tears welled up in your eyes as he walked right past you, only giving you a quick glance. What happened to him? You knew the Professor was still in your head, and would answer you.
I don't know, my dear. I know you'll want to tell him everything, but sometimes the mind needs to discover things for itself. He just needs some time. 
Only one thing came to your mind. Stryker. He had to have done something else to him. You knew all about that bastard. You were like the Wolverine. Having similar regenerative capabilities, and bone claws, Stryker had decided to use you for his program as well. Since you were living with Logan at the time, Stryker was excited to have a chance to try the proc
:iconjesusdiedforme:jesusdiedforme 430 41
Over And Over (LoganxReader)
Logan flipped through the channels on his tv, mind elsewhere. He couldn't concentrate, just wonder when the next fight would be.
Which translated to the next time she'd be back.
It was pointless, he knew. He was in love with her, and he knew, he could practically smell it on her, that she felt the same. It was ridiculous, it was pointless, it was…
Hurting him.
His advanced healing couldn't fix this, his cool exterior couldn't hide it when he was alone. He felt it always, thought of her always, but it was still pointless.
How and why it started he'd never be too sure. It just happened. They met at one of Stark's benefits and hit it off, much to HIS displeasure. You had slipped Logan your number before you were whisked away and had given him the smile that always got him to give you what you wanted, what propelled him to do anything for you.
He turned off the tv and flexed his hands, t
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 187 99
Mature content
Permanently (Ted Mosby X Reader) :iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 73 46
Mature content
Loki x Reader - Lizard Man Part 5 :iconallyvania88:allyvania88 2 0
Reunion (George Weasley x Reader)
My heart pumped irregularly as I stood in the crowded Room of Requirement. My eyes stared straight ahead as I watched the boy watch me. It had been nearly nine months since we had last talked and this was our reunion. There were no tears, no ‘I love yous’, no running. Just a lingering gaze and an on-coming war.
Harry was speaking now, explaining how we would fight and where we should be. He told us we were to go to the Great Hall where we would meet up with the rest of the students. Moving with the masses, I began to make my way to the exit. A hand on my wrist pulled me back.
“Haley-“ the voice said.
“George, let go.” I didn’t mean it to come out so harsh. The hand retracted. I sent one last look to the exit before turning back to the twin. “Nearly nine months,” I said, choking back a sob. “You could have been dead, and I would have never known.”
“I’m so-“
“Do you know what the hell I’ve bee
:iconheyhey1313:heyhey1313 30 0
Cut - Dean x Reader
I sit in the bathroom of the bunker with a pair of scissors in my hand. I stare back at my reflection before grabbing a piece of my hair and holding the scissors beneath it.
I can do this. I can do this. It's just hair, right? It can always grow back; it may take some time but it can grow back. It's just hair. It is just hair.
First chunk is gone. Okay, I can do this.
It runs smoother than I thought it would. Strand after strand falls and lands in the sink, on the counter and on the floor. My hands are shaking as I continue to cut away at my hair. Each strand falls and I feel like crying.
I need a change in my life, sure. This was a bit eccentric for my liking however; but it has to be done. My hair is irritating, on hunts it gets in the way and I can't concentrate when it falls in front of my eyes or gets caught on a branch. This is a better option and is also convenient. The only problem is, is who I live with and their reactions. More importantly: my boyfriend.
What wil
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 410 137
Mature content
Need (Daryl Dixon X Walsh!Reader) :iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 100 23
Small Bump - Dean x Pregnant!Reader
Hanging out in a motel room wasn't what I enjoyed doing with my time. But seeing as Dean had went into full-blown overprotective mode the second that I had announced that I was pregnant. The second that I had approached him with the pregnancy test with the plus sign he immediately started to bubble wrap our life. Especially around Sam.
You see, Sam had miraculously managed to escape the cage, but, he wasn't..himself. He was Sam, but, not Sam. If that makes sense. It wasn't until Castiel had managed to assess him that it was revealed that he had no soul and it was still in the Cage with Lucifer, Michael and Adam. It was easy to spot the difference within him. He was a lot more harsh with his words, a lot more cruel. He could easily become emotionless and heartless with a blink of an eye.
Dean had decided that there should be a short amount of distance between Sam and I, and I wasn't allowed to be left alone with him.
Hence why I was stuck in a motel room with the pair of them. Dean curr
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 327 29



Hi everybody!

So I know I've been away from writing for a very long time, but I'm hoping to be back now. I've set up a tumblr writing account, where I will take one line requests/secrets and write them into something. Unfortunately these will not be focused on fanfiction, but I am hoping at some point to return to writing here.
If you get a minute please take and look or send something in, i would really appreciate it and thank you for everyone who has still been following me and liking my work while i've been gone! you are all stars.



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United Kingdom
i just really love words and the way the form the most beautiful of statements and the emotions behind those words. I just hope that one day I can create beautiful words of my own.


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