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August 11, 2013
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‘What was that again Dean?’ you asked, smiling.

‘I need your help (y/n). Please,’ Dean sighed over the phone.

‘I’m sorry, it’s just not often that Dean Winchester asks for help, of course I’ll help, so what’s up?’ you asked him.

‘Sammy’s not well and I need some back up,’ Dean said, sounding worried.

‘I’ll be there in a few hours, don’t worry just look after Sam,’ you told him, your smile gone now.

‘Thanks (y/n); it’ll be nice to see you again.’

You and Dean were going to meet in the bar near to his motel. You got in your car and thought about your relationship with Dean. You had met when you were both naïve and young, it made you laugh to think of how arrogant and cocky you had both been about hunting.

You’d been hunting the same thing and bumped into each other, and neither of you wanted to assist the other; but when things got bad and lives were at stake, you both helped the other.

You smiled when you thought of how well you worked together, which was the reason for how you became such good friends. It had been a while since you had seen Dean; it really would be nice to see him again.

It was getting dark when you pulled up outside the bar and when you walked in you were glad to see Dean sitting at a table. He looked worried but when he saw you approach him, a grin lit up his face.

He stood and wrapped his arms around you and you grinned into his chest. He still smelled the way you remembered. You could never get over how good looking he was.

‘Damn, it’s good to see you again,’ Dean said, and you both sat down facing each other.

‘How’s Sam?’ you asked as you shrugged off your coat. Underneath you weren’t appropriately dressed for hunting; you had been undercover this morning and needed to do some serious flirting. So your outfit revealed a lot of bare skin and cut low on you.

You saw Dean glance at you, his eyes wide, before he composed himself. You hid a smile.

‘He’s sick, not freaky sick either, like the normal sick, probably take him a couple of days to get better,’ he said, a frown forming at the thought of his little brother getting sick.

‘Looks like we’re stuck with each other then,’ you said smiling and he smiled back.

‘So what’s the case?’ you asked.

‘I think we might have a poltergeist in town, I’m not too sure, Sammy usually does that part,’ he gave you an apologetic smile.

‘That’s alright, we’ll get to it tomorrow? I think you need to relax for one night Dean,’ you said, getting up. Just as you turned away from Dean, you saw him glance at your legs and the skin that was on show. You smiled and went to the bar.

‘Hey there sweetheart, what can I get you?’ the bartender asked. He was cute, maybe a few years older than you.

His hair was dishevelled and his shirt was tight on his muscles. You smiled at him and he winked.

‘I’ll have two beers please,’ you said. He got them and you paid.

‘So what brings a beauty like you to some small town dump like this?’ he asked leaning on the bar.

‘I’m meeting up with an old friend,’ you tilted your head in the direction of Dean, who was watching your conversation with a small frown. You ignored him.

‘My name’s Ian,’ he said, ignoring Dean’s looks.


‘Well (y/n), I’m off work tomorrow, so how about you let me take you out for dinner?’ he asked, his hand over yours. You smiled at him and leaned forward.

‘Sorry, I’m working. Maybe another time,’ you whispered into his ear. You were helping Dean and, anyway, you’re life wasn’t suitable for dinner dates and civilian boyfriends.

You walked away to feel his eyes on your back. Dean was glaring at his clenched fists.

‘You okay?’ you asked, passing him his beer.

‘Just awesome,’ he said, but when you frowned at his sarcasm, he smiled.

He yawned and you laughed.

‘Maybe we should finish these and get some sleep,’ you suggested.

‘Sounds great to me,’ he said, with a glance behind you, towards the bar.

As the two of you left, Dean held the door for you, which was very unlike Dean. You decided to leave your car there and walk up the road to the motel with Dean.

You walked in silence for a few minutes until Dean broke it.

‘What did you say to that guy?’ he said it so quietly, that you barely heard him.

‘Who? The bartender?’ you laughed, thinking he was just messing about and teasing you.
His face fell when you laughed and you stopped.

‘Dean, what’s wrong? Why are you asking about some guy?’ you said, stopping walking and turning to face him.

‘I don’t want you to go out for dinner with him (y/n),’ was all he said and he carried on walking. You ran to catch up with him and grabbed his arm.

‘Excuse me? What are you, my Father?’ you asked.

‘I like you okay?’ he yelled, looking away from you. ‘And I get it if you don’t like me back (y/n), I get the fact that nobody is going to love a broken man. So it’s okay.’

‘Dean, look at me.’ His green eyes met yours and you continued. ‘You might be broken, but I think that’s what makes you you, the fact that you can still get up in a morning and save the world is beyond me Dean, the fact that you gave up everything just to save people, is so selfless. You might be broken, but to me that makes you a hero; My hero.’

His eyes were wide, like a small child when you spoke. You moved forward and pressed your lips to his. He was shocked at first and then began to respond, deepening the kiss.

His arms wrapped around you and you ran your hands through his hair.

‘I like you too Dean, always have,’ you said pulling back.

‘Meeting you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me,’ he said against your lips.

‘Let’s get some sleep,’ you said. He put and arm around you and you leaned your head against him. Dean kissed your hair as the two of you walked back.

You really were glad that Dean had called this morning.
Here you go! I hope you like it :D
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